• Arsenal have two huge games coming up/West Ham is not one of them
    19th April 2018

    Recently I’ve been thinking about Atletico Madrid. Even doing some research on them. So I will be able to preview…

  • Spurs will play Manchester United, then Arsenal face Atletico Madrid
    18th April 2018

    Brighton 1 Spurs 1 ____________________ Arsenal’s big game is Atletico Madrid. They could lose both legs. But both games might…

  • Why Manchester City’s automatic is on a level unseen in Premier League
    17th April 2018

     From Rhys Jaggar: The man the supine Press handed the 2017 title to in September 2016, only to see Antonio…

  • Will Spurs follow Arsenal by pricing out loyal working class fans?
    17th April 2018

    From Andy Pinker: Sunday Supplement I watched it, Myles. And as he said, tens of thousands can’t be arsed to…

  • Working for Stan Kroenke, King Wenger is not in the results business
    16th April 2018

    He still wants to sign Lemar, another tiny Frenchman. If that happens, your football club is still Wenger’s train-set. He…

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