• A Brazilian view of Arsenal v Atletico Madrid tonight
    26th April 2018

    Alex Abreu Gontijo answers questions from Rio De Janeiro. 1. Will the winner of this semi-final win the Europa League?…

  • Arsenal are three games from lifting another cup.Thank you, Arsene
    25th April 2018

    From Jimmy Rosenberg : Having been a season ticket holder who let his ticket go, I am not as equipped…

  • Magical Mo Salah is Klopperpool’s shining star. Again
    25th April 2018

    Liverpool 5 Roma 2 Salah 35  Salah 45 Mane 56 Firmino 61 Firmino 68 Dzeko 81 Perotti pen 85  ——————–…

  • Wenger comments defended/Spurs played Manchester Utd with 10 men
    24th April 2018

    From James Reiff :  Re: Arsenal’s UK fans hurt the club’s global image? Myles, Reference this post, yes, yes, yes,…

  • Arsenal’s UK fans hurt the club’s global image. Really, Arsene?
    23rd April 2018

    From Martin: Outrageous, his audacity is unparalleled. A loyal fan base that physically fills the stadium, and spends thousands each…

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