• Klopp’s Liverpool v Zidane’s Real Madrid?Any player can score tonight
    26th May 2018

    Jurgen Klopp is just starting at Liverpool. His arrival in October 2015 was soon welcomed because Klopp and Anfield immediately…

  • Klopperpool and Mo Salah can make history against Real Madrid
    25th May 2018

    Mo Salah is so exact, so precise. The more I watch Salah swerve and stop and feint and dink, the…

  • Unai Emery? Best available Head Coach Arsenal could have hired
    24th May 2018

    From Alex Darby:  Unai Emery? I’ll take that. A manager that not only studies the opposition, but also expects his…

  • Unai Emery has to improve Arsenal’s defence quickly. And he will do that
    24th May 2018

    Wenger’s Arsenal became lazy and decadent. The team was  no longest competitive, so they lost too many away games. Incredibly,…

  • Unai Emery is new Arsenal coach? Yes! I’ve taken back my season ticket
    23rd May 2018

    From Dan Ferguson: I cannot believe people are actually complaining. We need someone at the cutting edge of everything. Someone…

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