100% Kroenke ownership can move Arsenal to Los Angeles

From Rhys Jaggar :

1) Kroenke is making fans pay for his purchase.

Kroenke is not paying cash, he is using a Deutsche Bank bridging loan. This is what Glazers did, then shifted loan from personal liability to club liability. In my words, that is theft, not purchase. No fan can stop Kroenke doing this unless such financial shenanigans are made illegal in UK.

2) Kroenke drawing a £30m annual dividend.

Delaware reporting rules are lax in the extreme, designed for US oligarchs to evade accountability and scrutiny. No fan could know what Kroenke is drawing out without internal spies leaking it. Annual financial reports and AGMs are a thing of the past.

3) Arsenal FC income cross-subsidising US sports franchises.

If Kroenke thought he could fund Colarado ice hockey using Arsenal season ticket money, no fan would know, nor could they stop him.

4) No fan will know if Kroenke sells Emirates Stadium.

If Kroenke wished to move Arsenal FC to LA, he would sell the stadium in London. No oversight of that would be possible.
Etc etc.

Of course, saying this could not be stopped is not saying all of it will happen.

The question all paying customers must ask (for that is how Kroenke sees you all) is whether they will willingly keep coughing up to a US national who is entirely unaccountable in any shape or form.

I have always considered Kroenke to be a grasping narcissistic arsehole of the highest order.

I would never give him the trust he has never earned. Sadly in a world of shareholdings, trust does not have to be earned, it merely has to be bought or stolen.

The Glazers earned nothing and, 12 years on, they own a Hollywood franchise, not a serious football club.

Kroenke is rapidly doing the same.

He must hope that the customer base remains naive and undiscerning.

Since only 30,000 season ticket holders refusing to renew will rid the place of him.

The real question is what his response to that would be?

I remain to be convinced he would sell up.