89 Arsenal doc on Netflix in USA tonight/only Arteta wants the job

From David Evans

Hope you are well.

89 has just come out on Netflix, so I can watch it tonight here in the US.

Remember this is the film of that special year and night that only Wilshere from the current squad bothered to watch.

Wenger made Arsenal a bigger club and the success of the club as well as the success of many of the French players who won the World Cup and Euros propelled the club to a higher profile with an increasingly global audience.

The Premier League “product” in general puts all clubs in front of a worldwide audience. We have Nigerian fans thanks to Kanu and Brazilian fans thanks to Gilberto, Sylvinho and Edu.

However, the last 10 years has put Arsenal’s decline in front of the same audience.

Perhaps Arteta is the only person who actually wants the job.

There’s a good chance Allegri and my pick, Luis Enrique, looked under the hood and said “no thanks.” As someone once said of Obama when he stepped into the job after W, he inherited “the inbox from hell.”

Either way, there’s a good chance Arsenal fans will look back on a 4th place finish in the same way we looked at a 1st place finish 10 years ago.

Is it really 14 years since Arsenal won the title?