Absence of Rooney will allow Dele Alli to blossom

I’ve been waiting for Dele Alli night.

This lad makes football look like fun again. He’s dynamic, fresh, forceful and fearless.

Yes, he’s still learning the game.

And Dele can only be as good as the guys around him allow him to be.

It’s a team game, always will be.

However, I’m  willing to believe that if Dele Alli gets 5 passes, he can score 2 goals.

Will he get a good cross from Kyle Walker?  A ball from wally Walcott? A lay-off from the selfish Sturridge? Hope so but have deep doubts….

Glad Eric Dier is back. He’s one of the best young players in the Premier League.

Tonight, an hour before kick-off, I think the absence of Rooney will allow the presence of Dele Alli.

Full disclosure: Since Iceland I’ve been danger of falling into refusenik territory. Millions of people have deserted England in the past 10 years. They don’t believe the team is worth watching, don’t think England can ever beat anybody good again. They’ve been bored and angry and disappointed too often.

So a large number of punters young and old have said: “Forget it.There are other things to do, other things to care about, to talk about. Why suffer any longer? What’s the point?

PS Slovenia’s big keeper Jan Oblak is one of the best three in Europe.

He plays for Atletico Madrid and he is phenomenal.