After Messi, Liverpool win at Newcastle/ But Arsenal blow it

From Martin :

What hope the rest of us after Barcelona beat Liverpool  3-0?
Messi yet again picked his moments where his play elevates to a level others only can dream of….and that’s Liverpool done and dusted.
My thought at the time, was : What hope is there for the rest of us? The teams below City and Liverpool in the top 6, when a team as committed and talented as Liverpool will likely walk away from this season having won nothing.
For Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United the bar is higher than ever.
Because of season Liverpool are having. If you want to win the most coveted trophies, a season where they have lost just one league game? Good Luck with that you three.
I did not include Tottenham, as they have a better squad as a starting point.
But if they do not seriously invest say £150 million in 3 top talents with aim to take them over the top then in 2 seasons they will be back in the pack. The time is now for Spurs, a wellset squad, good balance of age and experience and just needing a little more depth and top end quality to go the distance.
Though of course they lost 13 games this season and could improve by 11 and still win nothing, ask Liverpool.
Messi does not physically impose himself or dominate games, he makes surgical incisions in game-changing moments. You think you are in the game, it’s all going quite well, and then the little man does something nobody else imagines to. That free kick was ridiculous, and not that other players cannot do such things, but that Messi can do it so regularly and on the biggest occasions.
Liverpool of course should have scored, could not have played better really, but Messi showed them that nearly is not ever good enough. To be a winner you have to execute when the moment is there. Mane wobbled, Messi delivered again.
I do put Ronaldo on same level, in terms of outcome but he is about physical power, sheer will and imposing himself and his team mates on the opposition .
How lucky are we to have seen these two play at same time? there is natural comparison for the influence they have and successes, but no comparison in style, which is brilliant as it shows you can be gladiatorial or mercurial, as long as the brain and feet are working at the highest function.
Love the later stages of the Champions League, its definitely a level above the group stages and tast week did not disappoint.
But back to why I wrote, which was not my admiration of the Messi goal. It was this: What chance rest of us if Liverpool walk away with nothing this season, given how far away the best and the rest are from their level of performance and consistency
Have no idea how a Liverpool fan is going to feel about this season once is done and dusted, or the players. It’s going to be a strange feeling to get over.

Myles says:

It’s not quite done and dusted yet. I prefer Liverpool’s high-energy style because they puts the ball up for grabs more than City do, so it’s more British.
EXAMPLE :Friday night’s Newcastle-Liverpool encounter was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen this season. very closely-fought.
When Virgil headed in a corner, Atsu equalised and then Trent Alexander’s cross was hooked in by Mo Salah for 1-1 and when Dubravka saved from Mane, Mrs Palmer said, “This is thrills and spills isn’t it?”
Then Rondon banged in a tremendous left-foot shot for 2-2 and then Perez took on four Liverpool defenders and got a shot in and Mrs P shouted, “Well done!”
By the time Origi came on in 73 it had become a stop-start game and Liverpool had lacked composure in centrefield. Since Rondon scored, Liverpool had stuttered and hadn’t created anything.
Then Salah’s left-footed inswinger was headed in by Origi.
After eight added minutes the final score was Newcastle 2 Liverpool 3.
Klopp’s boys had to work very hard for those three points and it was a game worth writing about.
Arsenal 1 Brighton 1 was a disgusting performance by Emery’s clowns. Pathetic and fraudulent.

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