After the final whistle,Sanchez looked like Fabregas

From Andrew : Bournemouth

I had the same thoughts as you watching Bournemouth – why did Giroud waste time indulging himself in a silly, pre-planned celebration when there was still time to win the match?

This season is a strange one (I sublet my ticket 2 years ago and have no desire to take it back).

Contrast the moaning and malaise at the Emirates with the enthusiasm and old school passion that survives up at WHL.

Sadly that will be gone too – as it has at West Ham – when Spurs move into their corporatised arena.

Myles says:

Spurs still have a lot of working class supporters.

Those fans are noisier than the 2,000 solicitors & accountants who have season tickets behind the Directors Box.

Let’s wait and see on Daniel Levy’s price strategy.

Of course he would love an affluent middle class crowd because he could charge higher prices, as Arsenal have done since 2006.

But Levy is smart enough to keep their core fans, who recognise that Harry Kane, a kid from Walthamstow, is one of them

Some of the Tottenham prices are revealing.

He’ll sell you a family ticket for £50.

£20 each for parents & £5 each for 2 kids = continuity.

His core support will be the children of people who saw Martin Chivers in 1972, plus the offspring of blokes who cheered Ossie Ardiles, Mark Falco, Glenn Hoddle, Steve Archibald and Graham Roberts.