After Trent made Origi’s winning goal, I thought of John Lennon

Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0

Origi 7 Wijnaldum 54 Wijnaldum 56 Origi 79


Starting 3-0 down, Liverpool thrashed Leo Messi and his La Liga league leaders 4-0.

This second leg will stand in history as Anfield’s greatest European night.

May 7th 2019!

Their football was never sweet pass-and-move but it was an astounding demonstration of energy, guts, perseverance and belief.

We  might never see another Champions League semi-final like that.

To beat Barcelona 4-0 without Salah and Firmino was a tall order, given how important the Egyptian and the Brazilian are to their fiery friend Sadio Mane.

But, as we’ve seen many times, one man’s injury is another’s opportunity and Divock Origi, who won the Newcastle game with a late header on Saturday at St James’s Park, really stepped up to the plate.

He had two attempts in the game and scored twice.

Gigi Wijnaldum came on as a sub for the injured Andy Robertson and scored two goals in two minutes.

I had a feeling that Trent Alexander would have a great game and tweeted that last night. They missed him in the Nou Camp, although I understand why Klopp chose Gomez.

As Shakiri walked across towards the corner flag, as if he was going to take the corner, the Barcelona players looked away and Trent saw his mate unmarked and hit a quick low ball towards Origi, who scored the goal that made this the most epic night in Anfield’s European history.

Was that corner routine rehearsed or improvised?

In real time I thought it was improvised and thought of John Lennon, whose wit gave the Beatles an edge.

John once said, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Liverpool have the guts to achieve thrilling comebacks, Liverpool are respected, Liverpool go the distance, Liverpool are propelled by the Kop, by history, by desire, by ambition, by the great players they have always signed.

This will be their ninth European Cup Final and Barcelona have only been in eight.

This club had world class players before Kenny Dalglish and will have great players after Virgil van Dijk.

Back in 2015   on November 23,  I wrote:

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4

Klopperpool had demonstrated tremendous kollective energy and momentum and ripped Citeh to shreds in the first half. The new manager had promised rock & roll football and this was it.

Pundit Jamie Redknapp said Emre Can was “exceptional”.

Klopp said he could see that his players were surprised when they went 3-0 up. He said they shouldn’t have been surprised, He said, “We took our chances. We did it well with big passion.”

Jurgen Klopp is a natural teacher who wants his boys to learn more and more. His appointment was a perfect fit. As I noted when he got the job, he’s a leader, a Pied Piper, Kevin Keegan with qualifications.