After Watford & Napoli, Arsenal must sprint to the finish on Sunday May 12th

From Martin

Afternoon Myles.

Fully agree with your comment, one nil up, and with the opposition down to ten in 12 minutes, that had Emery immediately thinking to Napoli on Thursday.

Given that Watford hit the bar and had a couple of decent scrambles it could have been seen as a gamble as he blatantly rotated the team with Napoli in mind.

It was not really a gamble if one or two players had turned up. But Mkhitaryan was shocking. In  essence that made it a ten-a -side for much of the game and then, as you mentioned, Ozil did not do much more than amble about.

But we still had enough in the tank to get over the line. Would usually say the 3 points is all this game would be remembered for from an Arsenal perspective, but the Aubameyang goal is worth remembering, a true poacher’s goal. It was great to see he was so happy to have scored it, as that says a lot about his mentality and desire to score all the types of goals.

As for Deeney, not sure what he was complaining about.  A forearm to the face, with extension of the arm to make the contact, is a red card. Him blaming anyone but himself says a lot about him. Maybe he should own up and admit he made a mistake trying to be the macho man.

Emery was hoping what he would put on the field would see 10-man Watford off.

He hooked Torreira, who will be much needed against Napoli and then Ramsey. He kept his ‘legs’ on the bench in Lacazette, Kolasinac Guendouzi and Maitland-Miles.They will have to put a shift in on Thursday.

So that shuffling got Emery the result wanted (just) and he will still be able to put out a relatively fresh team on Thursday.

Emery does not have a full hand and has to shuffle the pack repeatedly to eek out the performances from this squad that will get club into the four. That would bring more revenue, attract good players for the next squad turnover, and bring a better cadence to the season as the Thursday games are another obstacle.

What would be great to see is a sprint to line.There is enough talent there to do that.

Myles says:

I just wish the Head Coach had 22 Emery players.

But we may not see that until 2021.

If Ramsey scores against Napoli tonight, he can do the same for Juventus next season.