Afterthoughts from Wembley: This was nothing like the Chelsea we know

The match was two days ago.

As a  fan and as a journalist, I always watched both teams and tried be fair.

Now, on Tuesday morning, I’ve had time to think about my main impressions.

To decide whether my impressions were insightful or wholly misguided.

My first impression was : This isn’t Chelsea!

My second impression was : Wenger will play three centrebacks till he dies.

Third was: Often it’s the team that makes a player.But sometimes it’s one player who makes the team.

At the Community Shield game on Sunday my strongest impressions were (1) Fabregas misses Costa and (2) Fabregas misses Hazard and (3) Fabregas misses Matic and (4) and Kante misses Matic.

When Hazard comes back soon, he’ll miss Diego Costa hugely.

So the $64,000 Question is: will Chelsea need to find a different way of playing because none of their strikers can duplicate dirty Diego?

Batshuayi was clueless and peripheral against Arsenal

Morata will never be a foxy, belligerent bruiser who has 27 different ways of tripping over your foot.

Without Costa, Hazard and Matic, this eleven didn’t look remotely like Chelsea, so Antonio Conte will be a worried man this week.

He’s expected to do well in the Champions League and that’s a big ask without his belligerent centre forward, who did so much to get them back into the biggest competition.

If the Chelsea team plays eight or 12 more hard games, it’s more travelling, more injuries, more suspensions, more problems, less recovery time. The further you go, the tougher your opponents will be.

The Premier League needs strong London teams but I don’t know when we’ll see the real Chelsea. It might not be soon. We may not see the new Chelsea machine till the leaves turn brown.