Alexis Sanchez is furious with Wenger’s serial under-achievers

Lots of stories recently about Arsenal best player wanting a move.

His body language said it all at Bournemouth.

When Sanchez scored he raced into the net and got the ball and ran back to put it on the centre spot to re-start the game.

But when Giroud grabbed a late equaliser, the Frenchman didn’t think about maybe having time to score the winner as well. He preferred to rehearse his scorpion goal in a jokey way. While Alexis Sanchez was thinking: “We can score the winner, guys.Why are you tossing each other off?”

At moments like that body language tells us more than any words.

Sanchez arrived at Arsenal after Luis Suarez joined Barcelona from Liverpool.

Sanchez has been carrying Arsenal since then, along with Laurent Koscielny.

While Ozil has helped him to score goals and both stars have enjoyed each other’s flicks, passes and crosses.

Sanchez is 28 and has finally realised that he’s wasting a chunk of his only career at Arsenal, which is not an serious club.They just pretend to be ambitious.

He owes Arsenal nothing and he knows that . He’s given your favourite team 100% in every game, and, as most fans will be aware, Alexis has often played when he was well short of 100% fitness.

Enough is enough.

He must be thinking, “I was 28 in December, it’s logical that I spend the next three years with a team that shares my ambitions.”