Alexis Sanchez will stay in London if he gets £250K a week

From Haroon Rauf : Alexis Sanchez – let’s all get real.

Afternoon Myles,

I have wanted to email about this for a while but not had the chance.

Sanchez is constantly dominating the headlines. Rightly so. What a bargain at £32m!

We all know he only joined us because his wife didn’t want to live in Liverpool. So its perfectly reasonable to assume she wont want to live in a small town in China. She wants a modern city with all the trimmings.

That said, I am not bothered what Sanchez is offered from China. He will not go. Not now, not when hes 32 like Tevez, not when he’s 35 looking for a final contract.

He wont go back to Spain. Why? Because only 2 clubs can afford him and neither will play him as a CF. That leaves him with 3 options.

1. Bayern Munich – they can afford him but they wont break the bank for him. They have Lowedonski, Costa and Muller to name 3.

2. Juventus – they will give him titles, a proper team and a crack at the CL and he can be their star man. They can afford him as Dybala is tipped for a big money move to Real. Only issue is, would Sanchez want to go to a slow league again?

3. PSG – nice city, big money, still a good team, they just need a gladiator to take them forward again. With Di Maria and Draxler, he will be well supported. PSG wanting Sanchez is our biggest threat.

Sanchez is our poster boy. He’s the most influential player in the final third when it comes to goals and assists in the EPL this season. He is the bench mark for tempo and work ethic.

If you do not break the bank for him it shows we lack ambition. But we know the board does any way.

Did they really make an £80m offer for Aubameyang? You do not try and sign Aubameyang and end up with Perez if you’re serious.

Sanchez will stay in London if he gets £250k. And he should be offered that. If not he should leave. not in 2017 but 2018 for free and teach the board a lesson financially.

Sanchez can claim £15m+ signing-on fee, Henry got £5m 10 years ago. Sanchez would get more now.

Do you watch ArsenalFanTv Myles?

Myles says: 

Occasionally. Why?