Is Lacazette/Iwobi/Auba front three the future for Arsenal?

From Michael Budgen

Morning Myles,

In the Ozil not playing on Sunday hullabaloo, Ramsey’s not playing & then being sent to Kiev has largely gone on under the radar. I can understand it a bit. Their contractual situations are somewhat different, but neither is playing,

Why ?

Having read Emery’s comments about his selections, ‘that are also based on what he sees on the training pitch, and those willing to learn’ was taken by some as a swipe at Ozil, but maybe also Ramsey.

Reading Dan’s piece this morning it struck me about our first goal, it was more of a ‘Wenger’ goal, with Eddie playing the Giroud role.

I’ve always felt Ramsey’s weakness is his habit of taking three touches when one would have done.

It was notable last night, although against limited opposition, was how vertically we pass the ball to attack now, to create space and a one-on-one, whereas late-era Wenger relied on channelling the ball and players into a tight space to create on overload  or defensive mistake.This is high tariff stuff, and not many can pull it off regularly.

So why is Ramsey not fitting in?  Because to attack vertically, the ball must move forward, as well as the attackers.

Your Klopperpool / 3 Red Arrows analogy is perfect for that but once a player takes a stalling touch, momentum dies, supporting players get ahead of the ball, the defenders can set a defensive line, and the attack generally fails.

Ramsey always takes a touch, often sideways,. The system needs three components: to run with the ball at pace, be a positive passer, and a good shooter.

Hence the Iwobi / Laca / Auba attack. I think that trio will be seen a lot. Auba is quick, but can’t defend for toffee, Iwobi’s work rate balances that out, so I can’t see Auba & Ozil starting many big games together unless he plays upfront.

Looking forward to Sunday !

Myles says:

Thanks, Michael.

You’ve explained why a method player finds it easier to finish than assist. Intelligence has made up for Ramsey’s lack of skill.

After Spurs outclass Chelsea, should Arsenal be worried about Sunday?