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From Andy Pinker: our empty stadium

Hey Myles,

I’ve been talking to a Gooner mate, and we both agree that these thousands of empty seats ( even for a European Quarter final ) must be having a detrimental effect on the club ?

Yes, most are paid for, but we seem to be the only team in the Premier League that has this problem.

Surely the two new guys have to be looking at this and see a disaster?

For me, the swathes of empty seats has to have much more of an impact on the club sponsors than a few “Wenger out “ banners.

Be nice to get some feedback from other Arsenal fans.


Myles says:

Every fan’s experience is slightly different, Andy

But all Gooners have loved the high times, the thrilling moments and winning seasons.

That is what they share, that’s what they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

The views of supporters vary according to age, personality, the dynamics within a group of friends. Being a Gooner frequently runs in families and giving up a season ticket is sometimes done very reluctantly.

As a journalist who covered London  clubs, I never really experienced what supporters felt. I only glimpsed that at odd times.

So if you’ve given up, please let us know why.