ANR Mailbag :Giroud celebration/ Bournemouth thoughts

From John Feeney : Well said, Myles

Hello Myles,

Happy New year to You and Yours !

I don’t always agree with your posts but always read them. I love the fact that you speak from the heart and are happy to hold your hands up on the occasions when you are wrong or a bit over the top.

I thought EXACTLY what you thought when Arsenal equalised the other night and watched the rehearsed celebrations in disbelief.

I am a long-suffering Gooner like your friend Kelvin.

My thoughts were, “Get the winner…This is Bournemouth FFS ! ”

The Bournemouth players, who had played heroically,were shattered and looked defeated. Sanchez, a warrior who I wouldn’t want to play at Table Tennis, had what all great South American gladiators have, the scent of blood. I thought he was going to grab Giroud by his beard and drag him to the halfway line.

Spurs are giving me nightmares too.

I can only dream of how their tactically astute manager would transform the “Colney Creche”.

From Stuart : Get real, people

I can’t believe what I’m reading/hearing concerning Giroud and his celebration. Holy Toledo people, get real! The world is going mad!

The 12 second celebration has has to be taken in context, not from the comfort of Harry Redknapp’s sofa.

Giroud has struggled to get a place in the team, is constantly reminded that he’s not good enough for a club as ‘big as Arsenal’ and he then pulls the team out of a big, black hole with a very, very late equaliser to semi complete a pretty amazing comeback.

Does the week he’s just had not deserve praise rather than ridicule? Can’t we enjoy the moment when it counts (Sanchez didn’t celebrate his goal because scoring to make it 1-3 is not worth a smile let alone a celebration)?

The team and the club get plenty wrong and deserve criticism when it’s due but If Giroud can’t celebrate an injury time equaliser after the comeback that had just happened we might as well pack it all in. It’s a bloody game of football.

From fritzthecat : Giroud

Hi Myles and happy New Year, hope you feel recharged after the festivities.

I see you are publishing a lot of Dan Ferguson’s posts, so I guess not… he has a different style from you, quite eager, he lacks that old beatnik’s vibe we come here for.

Talking of which, for Xmas I was given Revolution in the Head, a book about the Beatles by an NME journo from back in the day, very informative. We take them so much for granted these days, don’t we, their music sounds safe and banal, but that’s only because everyone has been copying them since.

Lovely goal by Giroud, but a fluke, let’s be serious (and he admitted so himself). And the keeper should have done better with his positioning (that was his side and nothing should have got through it). Still, full marks for having the guts to try it, and Giroud was involved with a backheel at the start of the move.

Arsenal looking pretty solid, not title-winning solid but the best in a long while. I’m beginning to see signs of Cech’s decline though, if they don’t win anything before he starts making too many mistakes they’ll be back at square one.

All the best and wish you a 2017 full of excitement.

Myles says:

You’re being kind to Cech,Fritz.

I saw his decline a long time ago.

ANR has evolved to the point where it needed a real Arsenal-voice and Dan gives us that.

By writing what he does, Dan liberates me.

At school I was a Stones man, not a Beatles fan.

Saw them once as a schoolboy, again as a university student, once as a bachelor rock journalist, once as a married man, and twice as a parent journalist at Wembley Stadium.

Oddly enough, I recently saw Ron Howard’s Beatles doc Eight Days A Week. It was fantastic to see my friend Derek Taylor¬†asking a dangerous crowd in the USA to take a step backwards.

I got to know Derek when he worked for Warners and there’s quite a bit about him in my unfinished rock memoir. Maybe I should publish a few excerpts this summer. Try them out on you.

On Giroud, let me see his next five games.