ANR reader asks : What will happen to Chelsea now?

ANR reader Jack Woan asks : What will happen to Chelsea now?

Well, I reckon they will become a cup team.

Having written on September 14 that Chelsea would not be champions this year because the club is dysfunctional, I never dreamed that Jose Mourinho would be sacked on September 19. I thought CFC would unravel further in a messy, acrimonious manner for a few more months, rather than explode with a big bang in the third week of September.

The Premier League is a circus, and Chelski is a soap opera within that circus – but we didn’t expect Jose to get the chop so soon

When Spurs chairman Daniel Levy phoned Mourinho’s agent on Thursday morning, Abramovich doubled Mourinho’s compensation package to exclude him from joining a Premiership rival. Would Mourinho have gone to Spurs? I doubt it. And did Levy want Spurs to play like Porto ?

It’s a real shame that the once-awesome Shevchenko is now too slow to play Premiership football. Abramovich should have owned up and flogged him back to Bertusconi for a token £5 million. At Old Trafford on Sunday, Sheva was taken off after 59 minutes. Nobody noticed he had been on. He didn’t get a kick. It’s tragic because he was a truly great player and a great guy. But he’s over the hill.

Chelsea were very unlucky with the Mikel red card, and also with the Saha dive that won a penalty which was almost blocked by the legs of Cech. Ben Haim did touch Saha but he was always looking to go down. However, Chelsea were lucky that Joe Cole’s foul on Evra was not a given as a penalty. And lucky that referee Mike Dean did not send off Joe Cole for a late sliding tackle that flattened the flying Cristiano Ronaldo.

Referee Dean obviously needs help. He had given 14 red cards in 20 games before Sunday and four in his last six Premiership games. He needs to be reviewed and counselled.

We all realised that John Terry had lost the plot when he wanted a nine-year contract and a clause saying he would be manager after those nine years.What planet is he on? And what planet is Abramovich on for giving Terry a nine-year contract on £131,000 a week. JT is living in a parallel universe now. He was at fault for Rosenborg’s goal, which Mourinho pointed out at half-time, and for the Tevez goal at Old Trafford yesterday.

When Mikel was sent off in 32, Mourinho would have immediately put Kalou on for Sheva ina 4-4-1 and tried to grind out a 0-0. But Avram Grant did not want to take the owner’s £30 million man off.

On Saturday, in a column for a foreign newspaper, I wrote that,” In terms of charisma, Mourinho is an impossible act to follow. Any new coach would need to have the looks of Brad Pitt, the wit of Oscar Wilde, and the wisdom of Albert Einstein.”
In a boring game, Man United beat Chelsea 2-0.The last thing Grant wanted to be doing was talking about the ref after the game. But that it was unavoidable.

Mourinho looked relieved as he went back to Portugal. He has shown us his best and his worst, his strengths and weaknesses. He has learned a lot from this experience.He will be more human and humble in his next job. But, fundamentally, he won’t change. People never change. They conceal themselves and eventually reveal themselves.

He would be bonkers to work for Moratti, another interfering owner, at Inter Milan.

Tonight I’m told that JT is suing Duncan Castles, the guy who broke an astonishing Chelsea story in The Observer. Castles speaks Portuguese and got his info from one of Mourinho’s backroom staff, I gather.

It’s too late at night to go into full details of exactly why the Mourinho-Abramovich meltdown happened the way it did.

But my best guess is that it is a tale of two injuries. A tale of Shevchenko’s knee and Terrry’s back.

Sheva played for Ukraine in the 2006 World Cup with an injured knee, which I’m sure he now regrets doing. He has never been the same player since then. He had a layoff, put on weight, came back, never showed the same pace and sharpness. He’s not fast enough to chase balls over the top, or get onto balls down the channels. And even now does not train normally.

Apparently, when John Terry was seeking  a new contract, Mourinho thought he was playing to protect his back injury. Then JT had an operation to remove a disc and signed his nine-year contract, after Mourinho had opposed such a long contract on medical grounds. This season Terry has not been the same player and he does not jump as he once did.

No wonder Jose and JT fell out.

And no wonder Jose could not use Sheva.

As I say, a tale of two injuries.