ANR reply from Matthew : Arsene Wenger and future of Arsenal Football Club

Hi Myles,

Have to agree with previous email by Adrian.

Have been an Arsenal supporter all my life.

Enjoyed the George Graham era where Arsenal could stop the best. Now I feel we can play with the best. On limited resources I have felt that AW has worked miracles.

On a personal level would prefer the continuity of AW rather than the circus of most clubs, managers coming and going every few years. Only manager I feel that I would like to see replace AW in the future would be Mourinho. He is a proven winner. But would we Gooners prefer his style of play? Often we only appreciate a player/manager when they have gone. How sad if we were to chase AW away, only to feel regret once its too late.

I have been following your site for a few years. This last year I have noted how critical your views on AW have become. Can you suggest someone who could do a better job given the current financial situation? Remember that we have consistently been in the Champions League, year in and year out.

An achievement not even reached by Liverpool. We are a stable top 4 club (despite what the pundits say every year). Of course we all want trophies but in the present climate, what AW has achieved is success.

What has helped me take what I feel is an objective view are my regular chats with Spurs fans. How many managers have they had since AW arrived? They go into matches ‘hoping to do well,’ whereas we have been brought to the point of ‘expecting’ to do well, and huge disappointment when we fail. There is a huge difference. If AW was to leave, I’m sure he would have no shortage of takers, despite not winning a trophy for 5 years.

On the Fabregas issue, he seems to be playing his cards close to his chest. If what the press say is to be believed, he would prefer go home(which is understandable) but doesn’t want to trash the club that has made him what he is.

I would take fifty million (if offered) and buy Ozil for twenty million. Keep the rest. Failing that, he is on a 5 year contract, so keep him but give the captaincy to someone who is prepared to commit long term to the cause. He has been a great servant to the club, also a great captain but do we really want a figurehead whose heart is not in staying? That is my own personal view.

I’m also chuffed at how resolute Arsenal football club have been at rebuffing the bullying tactics of the Barcelona board. Our official statement at the beginning showed our class as a club. If we are truly a club of stature, then we should not quake when RM and Barca come calling.


Myles replies :

Ozil is a lovely player but he’s no Fabregas.

Arsenal is NOT truly a club of stature. It’s a big club with a big income that mostly goes to a large squad of under-achieving players.

Victory through harmony? Not really.

It’s just stability through harmony.

If you and 70% of Gooners are happy with that, fair enough. If it’s enough to be solvent and above Spurs, fine.

Champions League football every year?

Aston Villa have won the European Cup. Aston Villa!!!

Nottingham Forest won it twice because they were able to defend.

Wenger does not teach defence.

Therefore Arsenal will never never never never never win the Champions League.

Arsenal 0 Deportivo La Coruna 2 was in 2002.

That was when, at half-time (when I knew the game was over), I started saying Wenger would never win the Champions League. That was eight years ago. Eight years ago !

I was right then and I’ve been right for eight years. Wenger has proved me right and he’ll continue to prove me right.

Don’t hope for something that will never happen. You’ll be bitterly disappointed.