Anybody can score the goal in the Allianz tonight

Tymoshchuk,33, is an experienced Ukrainian leader.

But he’s not a centreback.

Some  say Daniel van Buyten will start, not the former  Dynamo Kiev skipper.

Centrebacks are important in any game.

Luiz or Cahill could  win this final or limp off if their hamstrings  fail.

I think it will be close but not as dramatic as the semi-finals, when Messi hit Petr Cech’s crossbar from the spot and Cristiano Ronaldo scored a pen in open play but missed in the shoot-out.

Bayern were 2-0 down in a  second leg of penalties that was 3-3 on aggregate after 27 minutes and 3-3 after 90 and 3-3 after extra time.

Then Neuer saved Ronaldo’s penalty and also Kaka’s to earn a historic final chance in their own stadium.

Most previews are ignorant speculation, especially this one –  and all of them become irrelevant as soon as the teams are announced.

Bottom line, football is unpredictable and any player can score the winning goal.

We always talk about star names but it doesn’t have to be Robben or Lampard  who scores the winner. It could be Philipp Lahm or Ashley Cole.

But : Didier Drogba is like Peter Osgood, good in finals. In eight finals for Chelsea,  Drogba has  scored eight goals.

If Chelsea play 4-3-3 they could get annihilated, so  I think they’ll go 4-4-1-1, keep a compact unit protecting the penalty area, and grind their way through the first 20 and then through the first 45.

Route 1, Cech to Drogba, take it from there.

The winner could come from a corner or a free-kick.

Bayern fear that.

Not convinced about Mario Gomez.

I think Chelsea face better strikers most weekends. Still think Chelsea could nick it.

Kick-off : 7.45