Are sensible Arsenal an oasis of sanity in the EPL circus?

How does a 17-year old Bolivian help Arsenal to win a trophy this season?

Wenger spends megamillions on kids who contribute nothing to the first team. And never will.

A massive chunk of Arsenal’s £100 million wage bill goes on players you will never see. And this at a club which has won nothing for four years but has a chance this season as their rivals suddenly collapse.

Those Arsenal kids are all sold on to fund the acquisition of more kids. That’s probably what Platini meant when he made that remark about Wenger being a businessman now, not a coach.

Will Samuel Galindo become the next Fabregas in 2013? Or the next Vieira? Or just the next Galindo? Who can tell? Certainly not Wenger. How many great Bolivian players can you name?

A trophy would prove Arsenal is an oasis of sanity in British football, a model for others to follow. But, right now, without new signings, I can’t see this team winning a trophy. As Arshavin said, we need a miracle.

Nothing has happened in the transfer window because nobody has money.

Sol on a free, Maxi on a free?

If Maxi joins Liverpool and plays instead of Dirk Kuyt, I can watch Liverpool again. Rafa and Kuyt have made Liverpool so bad that I had to switch off the Reading FA Cup replay, which Reading won 2-1 after being 1-0 down.

I just cannot watch Kuyt now. He is the worst player I’ve seen since Perry Groves. He can’t play. Aquilani can play but has nobody to play with, so he can’t do anything. It’s beyond horrible. It’s actually tragic.

An Italian with fraud convictions wants to buy West Ham.

Portsmouth will be relegated after the club was wrecked by the people who have run it for last decade.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has been pursued by the police and Inland Revenue for years but they’ve never been able to prove anything.

English football is an ugly circus now. Fans are disillusioned and voting with their feet by not attending FA Cup ties. The players have grabbed all the money, so much so that big clubs can no longer afford a team. World class players like Torres, Arshavin and Rooney now have to play in teams full of old men, raw kids and incompetents.

If Manchester United have no midfield and no defence, English football is in its death throes.

Vidic isn’t as good without Rio and Rio might not come back strong. He might not come back at all.

The Big Freeze has turned into a thaw, the weekend is coming up, and the ugly circus is in many towns simultaneously.

I was out last night and missed Aston Villa’s first leg victory at Blackburn. James Milner started and finished the move that produced the only goal of the game. Still, they’re not at Wembley yet.

I remember modest midfielder Mark Draper telling me about their 1996 final against Leeds. Brian Little’s Villa were 3-0 up with 20 minutes to go and Mark was thinking : I’ll just knock the ball around, look around me, enjoy it, take it all in. It’s nice to be winning 3-0 at Wembley but I might never be here again.

He wasn’t there again.

My appetite for football had nose-dived lately. But if I see some good games, maybe I’ll be more enthusiastic.

Chelsea have a lot of spirit and might still be champions. But they are now signing Man City rejects like Daniel Sturridge. If that’s not a sign of the times, I don’t know what is.

At Xmas, when nobody was looking, Roman Abramovich bought the club from himself.

He converted debt into equity.

At a time when Manchester United and Liverpool are putting colossal debts on the club’s balance sheet, he took it off. And bought a big estate in St Barts. If you have a yacht, the Caribbean is the nicest place to be. The British aristocracy have known that for 200 years. Barbados, St Lucia, Martinique, all those islands are gorgeous and heavenly. If you can afford to be there, why consider anywhere else ?

Of course you could write a book about the morality of six oligarchs inheriting 25% of the mineral wealth of a continent. Several authors already have.

Manchester City have an organised defence now, plus pace on both flanks. If they win the title, and Carlos Tevez is Footballer of the Year, Sir Alex will wish he’d paid that £25 million to keep him. Berbatov was a waste of £32 million. The Bulgarian will never be a red devil.

Will Bolton v Arsenal be a good game?

New boss Owen Coyle’s first game at the Reebok could be interesting. And the weather might be quite good up there on Sunday.