Arrogant Wenger underestimated Nottingham Forest

From Graham Keat:

The arrogance of the man, Myles.

Who does he think he is?!

Every team wants a scalp in the FA Cup, it’s what it’s all about for fuck’s sake. It’s the lower league team’s Cup Final isn’t it? Sometimes they win and there’s the glory right there.

Never underestimate any team in the FA Cup.

That’s the golden rule isn’t it?

Myles says:

Yes it is, Graham.

But the main characteristic I’ve seen in the last six years is selfishness.

Outrageous selfishness.

I started meeting managers in the Sixties when I was a student : Matt Busby, Alf Ramsey and Malcolm Allison. Also met Tommy Docherty (Chelsea) and Alec Stock (QPR boss for nine years).

After becoming a football reporter in 1982, I obviously met hundreds of managers at Highbury,White Hart Lane,Upton Park, Stamford Bridge, Loftus Road, Craven Cottage and Wembley.

Different era, yes. But none of them were as selfish as Wenger.

The Nottingham farce? Obviously, it is ghastly to see such abysmal play by the clueless Colney Creche.  Those players are delusional because their nursery teacher is delusional.

But, let’s face it, every day is ghastly for Gooners nowadays.

Gooners will wake up every day this season knowing that London’s biggest football club is owned by Kroenke and run by an old fraud who once lost 8-2 at Manchester United.

Stan Kroenke knows zilch about football.

And King Wenger, monarch  of all he surveys, arrived thinking he was God’s gift to football.

Now he thinks he IS football.

George Graham said it all when he said, “There is no board at Arsenal.”

That was The Football Quote of 2017 : “There is no board at Arsenal.”

When asked about Arsene, George has always been very measured and diplomatic.

And George was still like that when I saw him being interviewed by Sky Sports at the the Holloway Road Odeon, before the screening of  the 89 documentary.

What George’s Arsenal did in 1989, beating the outstanding club of the Eighties at Anfield on the last day of the season, in a rearranged game, was achieved by ballsy players willing to believe in Graham’s astute tactical plan and able to execute it beautifully.

PS. Forest won two European Cups under Brian Clough.

But in 21 years, Arsene FC has never won a European trophy.