Arsenal and Wenger agree a new two-year contract

There was a board meeting three weeks ago.

The meeting was told that Wenger and the club have agreed a new two-year contract.

It’s not a rolling one-year deal, as I’d been told a few weeks ago.

I don’t know if it’s been signed yet.

But I do know they can’t announce his new deal after back-to-back defeats.

At Everton, Arsenal bottled it and lost 2-1.

At Manchester City they failed to build on an early goal by Walcott and lost 2-1.

Their second half performance was pathetic and Ozil was invisible.

Real Madrid were right: Ozil doesn’t turn up in big games.

Near the end there’s an injury and Alexis Sanchez sits on the ground with his arms round his knees. He’s been a winner with Barcelona and Chile but he knows he’ll never win anything big with this shower.

It’s been confirmed: Wenger till 2019. Ghastly news, I know.

And I hate to be the one to break depressing news like this.