Arsenal choose Arteta. But is this a risky appointment by Ivan Gazidis?

When bookmakers stopped taking bets on Arteta, we all knew.

But we asked questions.

(1) How can London’s biggest football club not attract Max Allegri?

(2) Why did Gazidis turn down the proven Ancelotti and hire the unproven Arteta?

Josh Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis need to replace a manager who ran the club for 22 years. So they unload Wenger and hire a rookie?


Of course! As soon as we read that Allegri was the No.1 choice and that the back-up options were Vieira and Arteta, we knew it was flawed.

Because Arteta and PV4 have nothing in common with the Juventus coach.

Allegri is one strategy, they are another.

As Arsenal stuttered, Spurs grabbed their place in the Champions League two years ago.

And Ivan Gazidis might now be making Daniel Levy look very good.

When Levy employed Pochettino four years ago he was hiring a World Cup centreback who had managed Espanyol, for whom he had played. Pochettino had never played in the Premier league but he had managed Southampton for a season and finished 8th. Yes, their 56-point total was 8 less than the seventh-placed  club that season. But the seventh-placed club, Man United, had far superior resources.

Arteta has never managed the Under-18s or the Under-12s.

How can Man City’s No.2  become Arsenal’s No.1?

I hope it works. I really do.

If it doesn’t, Arsenal won’t even be in the Europa League.

Wenger’s last game was at Huddersfield on Sunday and Arteta seems to have been hired on Monday.

On Tuesday night I got call saying, “It’s done. It’s Arteta.”

Patrick Vieira says he was contacted yesterday but considered that “a token gesture.”

When Arteta signed for Arsenal from Everton in 2011, Frank McLintock said on Gillette Soccer Saturday, ” Arsenal have signed Arteta three years too late.”

Probably a fair comment at the time.

Arteta, now 36, is the “brave” appointment that Gazidis promised.

We all look forward seeing what Arteta can do.

Without Wenger, Arsenal can buy and sell players more decisively. His dithering held them back and, having eventually made a decision, he often changed his mind. That drove the recruitment team nuts.

The Arteta era? Bring it on.

                Tom Wolfe, a very bold American writer, has died.