Arsenal fans, get over yourselves/ 2016-17 Premier League race

From Michael Budgen:

Dear all, stop fretting.

We won’t win the league this year, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, who we have and haven’t bought.

Simply put, either Man U or Chelsea will, with no European distractions, and large talented squads that were shambolically managed last year by messrs Jose & Loius, it’s there’s to lose.

Spurs massively overachieved last year, won’t cope with the extra games, Leicester may struggle with the European drug testing regime and so the injuries will stack up.

Liverpool will flatter to deceive, will get some good results which will see the media purring., but will then lose at home to Stoke or West Brom.

Man City could be, bizarrely, the wild card, but again, an imbalanced squad, will Pep be able to cope with the relentless intensity of the PL ?

Everton & West Ham, can they break the ‘glass ceiling’ ?

Everton I don’t think have the pace needed yet to exploit Ron’s tactics, & how will 50k bubble blowers react to a few nil nils ?

So let’s stop whinging and get on with it !

PS. Arsenal have never been an ‘ambitious’ club.

In ‘80 we should of gone on to challenge, but sold our 2 best players, in ’91 we allowed the madness of King George to turn a fine attacking team into an XI packed full of fullbacks, and let Man Utd become the team of the Premier League.

Same as it ever was chaps, so get over yourselves !

Myles says:

Yes but Arsenal kicked United’s arses hard enough to make them treble-winners in ’99.

George Graham helped Alex Ferguson, then Arsene Wenger helped him again later.

Your rival makes you stronger, as I explained in an Observer article that Amy Lawrence arranged.