Arsenal fans react to Chelsea winning Champions League

From Alex Marc : They indeed nicked it…

In any other languages it would be called stolen!

Myles, thank God this is only football after all because otherwise this would be a very very sad day.

Football has never been and should never become a beauty contest. But there are sequences of events (Napoli, Barca) that make the Blues progression to the final look like the great escape from Alcatraz x 10!!!

And now this…the “FORCE” must be with them because this escape is above and beyond any Houdini dream.

Sad, Myles…Sad!

From Jeff Morrison : Gotta hand it to you

You called it on Drogba turning up in finals, and on Gomez being not good enough.

A decent, clinical striker and Bayern would’ve walked this.

Good for the Chelsea old guard, but I was kind of excited at the prospect of Roman’s billions going completely unrewarded (FA Cup aside) and them not being in the CL next year.

But as it turns out, money spoke this year with Man City and Chelski coming out on top when it mattered.


Late last night,  sportsmanship  from a Gooner pal I met through ANR

Funny thing is Myles, they might have finished 6th and had huge chunks of luck in the competition but could Arsenal have ever won this competition playing the same teams?

Not in a million years.

There is a gutsiness about Chelsea that is totally absent at Arsenal.

Well done the chavs!!

Myles says :

None more gutsy than Ashley Cole.

He was superb and what a  lethal penalty!

Is Ashley Cole the first Arsenal player to win the European Cup since Ray Kennedy?

(No. Anelka,Henry & Hleb)

From Patrick O’Brien :

Myles, did you write this preview after the Champions League final?

It’s spot on! All of it.

You wait till the last match of the domestic season to hit every nail squarely on the head.

This Chelsea team is the antithesis of their Arsenal counterparts; heavy on the eye, functional, but full of winners and big-game players.

Arsenal once had a combination of style and substance.

It seems like a very long time ago now.