Arsenal fans want Sanchez to stay and Wenger to go

From Haroon Rauf :

Morning Myles,

Lots of Arsenal in the news today, lot of Arsenal fans pissed off more than usual, which can only be a good thing.

Few little things.

1. Stan Kroenke is at the club because of David Dein.

I think I read it in your book (or maybe it was another one) that gave details on David leaving. Correct me if I am wrong but Dein wanted to sell his shares and secretly get Lady Nina Bracewell- Smith to sell her shares to Stan, so he could have over 30% stake and force his way in on the board.

Lady Nina went to her buddy, the late Danny Fiszman who already had a bad relationship with is ex close friend Dein and kicked Dein out for going behind the board’s back.

That’s how they came to know of Stan and the rest is history. So all the fans saying we need Dein back need to have a rethink. Dein made a dynamic Wenger even better. But Wenger is finished now so Dein offers him nothing.

2. Sanchez is going, which means Wenger will probably stay (or definitely if your call the other day saying he has signed is correct.)

The board has a choice, star man or manager.

We have been here before Myles! Bruce Rioch wanted to sell Ian Wright to Chelsea and replace him with Bolton man McGinlay!

Eventually the board Sacked Rioch, kept Wright and in ’98 we won the double with the legend getting his PL medal. The board has the same choice now, let Wenger leave and get a proper manager who will get Sanchez to stay and a better team for him, or sell the star and keep the one that’s past it aka Arsene.

3. Would Sanchez go to Juve?

Great team, but he will probably get a pay cut or equal pay to what he is on now. Higuain is their top earner on less than 130k. Sanchez will go PSG and earn his 250k+.

4. We really are crap. no wins away again anyone in the top half?

We’ve not won a big game ALL SEASON other than a dud Chelsea team at home who now have their ribbons on the title. Why don’t the media give Wenger more stick?

I’m with you. Boycott Munich and walk out on the next home game after 70 minutes, properly like Liverpool did with the ticket prices.

Make it clear we want Sanchez over Wenger.‚Äč