Arsenal fans want to reclaim the history King Wenger has rewritten

From Alex Jones:

The pattern that has been repeated ad nauseam for years and years and years:

– dodgy result against lesser opposition
– whimpering out of Europe humiliated in front of those that once respected us (Cup Winners Cup reference BA (Before Arsene))
– a run of easy games for Wenger to accrue points and then sell us Jam tomorrow
– people fall for his ‘alternative facts’ and subscribe to another masochistic season of dashed hopes and utter humiliation

Wenger needed that international break so badly. He is biding his time like a manipulative scheming King who has nothing but contempt for his subjects. He is waiting for a day to bury bad news and announce to his eternal shame that he is staying on.

In order for him to go we need the situation to worsen lest the pattern be repeated. We must continue to lose in the fashion of Bayern Munich 10-2 in order for even this charlatan to not have the gall to be able to prolong this insane dictatorship.

The City game cannot be a win, a draw or a valiant but narrow defeat.

Wenger has fed off and capitalised off these fortuitous happenings in the sequence before. We need to capitulate to truly reflect the reality of this busted flush, so that even the most perverse contriver cannot attempt to massage the facts in his favour.

We owe Arsene a lot, as people keep telling us.

I agree.

We owe the loss of our beautiful stadium our home, Highbury.
We owe it to him for our soulless, concrete shrine to corporatism.
We owe it to him for being fleeced more than any other supporters.
We owe it to him for the Playstation generation of players who effectively slap the fans in the face with their contemptuous performances week after week.
We owe it to him for our cartoon badge – all to spite that market trader outside Highbury.
We owe it to him for the loss of the club we loved as it no longer exists.