Arsenal get Suarez/Spurs make Chelsea look silly/Crouch rocks on

The games have been more exciting than the transfer stories.

Personally, I detest the January transfer window. It seems endless. It makes the month seem to last 39 days.

Arsenal have signed 25-year old Denis Suarez, a versatile winger, on loan from Barcelona.

Told you on January 11th that President Bartomeu said it would happen by the end of the month. The deal was finalised last night.

The midweek football action was good on Tuesday-Wednesday.

Arsenal beat Cardiff 2-1 and Newcastle beat Manchester City 2-1.

The Arsenal result was expected but Man City’s defeat was a surprise.  Having said that, I never bet against Rafa Benitez, who ‘s still one of the best in the business.

Spurs improved by 25% as soon as Son got back on the pitch.

Watford took the lead at Wembley but Son equalised and the erratic Llorente persevered and eventually scored the winner in 90+2.

Pochettino’s teams go the distance.

His squad is more coherent than Arsenal’s and more reliable than Chelsea’s divas.

New saviour Gonzalo Higuain started for Chelsea but was barely seen at Bournemouth, where Chelsea got thrashed 4-0.

Most clubs have spells where it’s a soap opera at times but CFC has become rather silly since Antonio Conte’s final season.

After the Bournemouth debacle, Sarri asked his staff to leave the dressing room and then had a 45-minute talk with the team.

He said, “I wanted to talk with them alone, without anybody else. It’s impossible to play in such a different way between the first and second half. I don’t understand why. I don’t know exactly. We have only to say sorry to our fans. We can lose, of course, in every match, but not in this way. We need to solve the problem. We need to understand where the problem is.”

The Blues are not playing for Sarri and boss Marina must be wondering what to do. His job is safe, apparently.

KLOPPERPOOL scored early, an excellent goal by the combative Sadio Mane, but the league leaders were held to a 1-1 draw by Leicester at Anfield.

BURNLEY led 2-0 at Trafford but United fought back make it 2-2.

Sean Dyche has signed Peter Crouch, 38, from Stoke and will not regret that deal.

Crouch is a terrific pro who’s made a difference everywhere he’s played. QPR fans still love him. Burnley will be his seventh Premier League club. Sam Vokes has gone to Stoke for an initial £7m.

PS. South Korea’s Son says he missed his mates when he was away playing in the Asian Cup. He takes pressure off Eriksen, Llorente and the whole team. When Harry and Dele come back, Son will take pressure off them as well. Spurs always battle, always go the distance, always believe they can score late goals.

Belief can take you a long way and Pochettino’s squad have it. Their fighting spirit made Chelsea look like cheats and clowns this week.

Manchester City v Arsenal is at 4.30 on Sunday.