Arsenal, Manchester United and Souness…plus Gerrard

From Andy Pinker

Hey Myles,

 Just a quick one today…..I’m going heavy on Jose beating Arsene at the weekend…..because this time, it matters for him.
Talking about Zico, when I lived in Miami in the early 80’s , had loads of Brazilian mates that loved him.
A week or 2 ago, I saw a piece in one of the papers, Souness said that Zico was the best player he ever played against.
Having watched Souness in Spurs reserves, then go to Boro, and then become what he did at Liverpool……I thought “ Well, my Brazilian mates knew their football “
Myles says:
Zico was unbelievably compact and nimble and…. smooth.
Stevie G never played against Zico but he played against Kaka and will never forget that experience in Istanbul when AC Milan went 3-0 up before half-time in the Champions League Final.
When Crespo scored his second goal, Stevie thought it was over and reckoned AC Milan were the finest team he had ever played against : “Kaka was a great player, I knew that. Anyone who starts for Brazil must be special. but not until I spent that half running around after him, chasing his shadow, did I appreciate how quick he was in possession. Never in my career had I encountered anyone as fast with the ball at their feet. Kaka was lightning. I’m quite quick for a midfielder, and usually I reel in most players when they have the ball. Not Kaka. He was awesome, easily Milan’s best midfielder.”
(Quote from his book )
Gerrard  My Autobiography is a compelling read. He tells us a lot about England, about Martin Keown helping him, about Ince and Keane and Rafa. Three pages about a very intense battle against Man United are electrifying : he takes you there. You live it with him.