Arsenal must contain Mertens & Milic/ Man Utd 0 Barcelona 1 (with video)

Arsenal v Napoli tonight?

What will they be up against in these two games?

Napoli are 2nd in Sere A, after 31 games.

Juventus have 84 points, Napoli 64 and Inter 57.

On that basis, Napoli might be the best team in the Europa League.

But I fancy not. Italian football these days is rather slow and conservative. It’s a one-club league with quite a few strikers who can make their own goals.

I think Chelsea could beat them and Emery’s Arsenal can too.

Belgian star Dries Mertens has scored 79 goals for Napoli since joining from PSV in 2013. He is their danger man.

A versatile right-footed forward, Mertens who can play high and wide on the left and link well with the lanky Milic, an inventive Pole who scored a brilliant goal in a recent game against Roma, which they eventually lost 2-1.

Napoli’s Serb centreback Nikola Maksimovic is six foot four, so he’s too tall to grab Lacazette round the waist tonight.

Without the experienced Koscielny, Arsenal might not be able to contain Mertens and Milic, who played for Leverkusen before joining Ajax, where he scored 21 goals in 31 league games before being signed by Napoli.

Scoring an away goal will be Napoli’s second priority tonight. Keeping a clean sheet will be their first

Barcelona made Marcus Rashford look immature last night and Sergio Busquets is still a dirty player.

United never had any chance of winning the match and Solskjaer was  silly to suggest that Paul Pogba could run the game,

I’ve said this 15 times and I’m not gonna say it again.

Paul Pogba is not a half-back who can’t run games like Patrick Vieira.

He’s a powerhouse gladiator, a big athlete who can provide shots and headers and knockdowns and passes in the front third, who can intervene decisively in the box. He can make goals and score them and make fans jump off their seats. And he can split defences with thrilling long passes. But he can’t run a game.

Last night Man United needed a half-striker like Cantona or Sheringham.

Barcelona are the best football team in the world because they have Messi and Suarez, experience of every situation, \and huge confidence they lknow they can score against any team anywhere.
Manchester United did some good things last night. But they didn’t have enough cohesion to open up the finest team in the world.

In the first 25 minutes, when Rashford fired a 30-yard shot over the bar, Barcelona had 75% possession.

They had taken the lead Messi crossed from the left side and a header by Suarez went in off left back Luke Shaw. That was enough against a Man United side that had no shots on target in the whole match.

With great talents in key positions, Barcelona have matured into maestros of minimalism, footballers who have mastered the art of doing just enough.

I’ll be amazed if they’re not European champions again.

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