Arsenal must start with front three of Welbeck,Sanchez & Perez

From Idriss Lamare :

Hello Myles,

I will not be predicting scorelines or any of that nonsense but I will say this Arsene FC will be knocked out.

Bayern, like you once said, are a serious club full of intelligent and aggressive professionals.

They will prepare for the game, adjust and wait for Arsenal to do an Arsenal. Wenger does not do preparation but lives in hope of what might happen if Hell froze over.

Playing a lightweight out -of-form Özil in a midfield trio against the cerebral Alonso, the Apache warrior Vidal and the silent assassin Muller is throwing in the towel even before the match has begun.

If Arsenal are to get anything out of this tie, we must start with a front three of Welbeck, Sanchez and Perez and behind them the Ox, Xhaka and ???( don’t know who out of pedestrian Elneny or idiot Coq).

Why didn’t Arsene get Mane, Wanyama and Dembele?? Hubris my friend.

Myles says:

Maybe Welbeck has been saved for this game.

Sadio Mane,even with a few rough edges at Southampton, soon looked liked the most explosive striker to come from Africa since Samuel Eto’o.

Would signing Mane have killed Walcott?

I know Didier Drogba was a monster for Chelsea and he should have been Footballer of the Year at least once. But he was a late developer who came to prominence after one good season at Marseilles. Before that Drogba was a playboy in the lower French leagues,apparently.

Wenger paid far too much Elneny and Xhaka.

Why? I don’t know. Because he feared being gazumped? Did he go for players nobody else rated? We may never know.

Tonight’s game in Munich will depend on how Bayern defend without injured kingpin Jerome Boateng.

Football is about players, always…..whatever the competition you’re talking about.

If Alcantara and his mates swamp Arsenal in midfield and pinch the ball off them, Lewandowski and Robben will get service and smash four or five past Ospina.

If the sparky Sanchez is living on scraps, he’ll wish he was playing for Munich, or another big club.

But football is unpredictable. Last night I backed Gabriel Jesus to score at any time but he went off injured after 15.

Man City still won 2-0 at Bournemouth and it was pretty good entertainment.