Arsenal offer : Ashley Cole for Gallas+ £10 million

Arsenal's offer to Chelsea is this : Ashley Cole for Gallas and £10 million.

William Gallas is 29 and three years younger than Cannavaro.A centreback who can play left back and right back. And he scores goals.

Gallas is a phenomenal player who wants the wages that phenomenal players earn : £70,000 a week.

Which is what Arsenal were paying Sol Campbell.

Arsenal need the experience, concentration and steel of Gallas.
To get £10 million AND one of the world's top defenders would be a good deal.

Will it happen? Let's wait and see.

I heard that Peter Kenyon was asked about the deal in Monaco earlier tonight.

Apparently, the conversation was something like this :
Journalist : "Is it Cole for Gallas plus £15 million?"
Kenyon : "No."
Journalist : "Is it Gallas plus £10 million?"
Kenyon : "I don't want to go there."

For years I've wondered why Arsene Wenger has never bought a foreign player from another Premiership club.

I cursed when he didn't sign Yakubu from Portsmouth.
Now, at last, he wants to sign a foreigner from a Prem club !

A footballer who knows England, knows every team he will face, knows every stadium he will play in, and already has a house.

If the swap happens next Tuesday it will be big news.
You won't need me to tell you it's happened.