Arsenal Q&A Part 1 : Hull and Ozil and Sanchez and Oxlade

Are you worried about Ozil leaving?

Not at all. What Champions League club would buy him at his age? He’s just bought a big new house in London.

Sanchez more likely to go?

If he has any sense, he’ll join an ambitious club that wins titles or really challenges. He knows he’s playing in a one-man team. He had to score both goals against Hull City.The team was jittery and lucky to win.The first goal was handball and Gibbs should have been sent off. He panicked. His wild challenge on Markovic is a red card all day long.

His body language?

Sanchez looked tense, angry, frustrated, near the end of his tether. Ozil  and Walcott were invisible. Playing centrally, Oxlade carried the ball forward from midfield and had a good game.

Will the Ox be trusted in that role in Munich?

Doubt it. Bayern are not Hull and the Allianz Stadium is not Ashburton Grove.

Do Ozil and Sanchez really want assurances that Wenger will stay?

Hard to say with a Chilean who doesn’t speak much English. I think Alexis Sanchez would love a fiery new manager who could shake this shower out of their complacency. Mesut Ozil is a Real Madrid reject who showed on Saturday (again) that his artistry is a game of very fine margins. If he’s 8% off, his contribution is zero. When Ozil was at Real Madrid he was a skinny playmaker protected by big alpha male warriors like Ramos and Pepe. Florentino Perez sold him to buy another big alpha warrior, Gareth Bale.

What happens if Sutton beat Arsenal 2-0 in the FA Cup?

Wenger will still be there fighting for fourth place. Fourth is millions of euros but it’s not a trophy and he’s the only Arsenal manager in history who would have dared to say that.

Should Gooners still believe their club is unique?  I

Arsenal was the biggest and most consistent London club. And King Wenger, a formidable polymath, has made it unique in a new way : Arsenal is the only football club in the world where the CEO and the board are subservient to the manager.

Do you still enjoy football after 19 years of blogging and 20 as a football journalist?

Yes. And I’ll explain that around 11 a.m when I publish Part II of this little Q&A.

See you later.