Arsenal ‘s Wembley victory lights up Twitter map

From Qasim Kirmani : amazing global reaction to FA Cup final win

You might have seen this already but maybe not.

It covers the second half of extra-time and gives you a glimpse of the global Twitter reaction to Ramsey’s goal and to the final whistle:

I find it really incredible.

Arsenal should shop this video around when they’re meeting with potential sponsors and corporate partners.

Clearly, a pre-season tour of the USA is somewhat overdue.

And why are we so big in Kenya and Indonesia?

Myles says:

Thanks a lot. I hadn’t seen a pulsating map of real-time data before.

Love it!

From David Chandra : answer from Indonesia

Hello Myles,

Why Arsenal are so big in Indonesia?

Actually, Man Utd are way bigger in Indonesia.

Indonesia, I believe, is in top two of the world’s biggest Twitter user base.

So it is normal that compared to other country, Indonesia would have a pretty big Gooner base in Twitter world.

My regret is that we could have been bigger. But the club do not do enough branding here in South East Asia.

I love this club and wish I could help build our reputation here. But I do not know the right person to talk to.

Once I tried emailing the club regarding this and unsurprisingly there was no reply from them.

24th May 2014