Arsenal should have beaten Spurs/Liverpool miss chances

Spurs 1 Arsenal 1

Ramsey 16 Kane (pen) 74

Everton 0 Liverpool 0


There were a lot of mistakes the Spurs-Arsenal game.

Not so many in the Merseyside derby, I thought.

The North London derby was a game of two goals and a penalty miss.

The Everton game was one where Mo Salah missed three chances he would have buried last season.

Although one was a good reflex save by England’s Jordan Pickford.

Sky pundit David Moyes said that the longer the game went on, the more comfortably Everton controlled Mane and Salah and the Liverpool attack. As a former Everton manager he would say that. But it was true.

These days Arsenal are a high-energy dispossession team who disrupted what Spurs were trying to do.

And when raw 22-year old Davinson Sanchez misjudged a bounce, his team was punished and Aaron Ramsey was cool enough to accept that gift in the first half. The Welshman is a brainy footballer who read the situation instantly, stayed onside in his own half, and remained calm as he carried the ball into the penalty area.

I expected Hugo Lloris to come out earlier and further to confront Ramsey in this breakaway. But that didn’t happen and Ramsey took the ball up to Lloris, swerved left, and slotted for 0-1. A refrigerated finish, very clinical, very Aaron.

Spurs are a bang!bang! team who attack rapidly with few passes but here they didn’t have their first shot till the 31st minute, long after Arsenal had already scored.

After the rash Mustafi barged into Kane, who looked offside as a free-kick came into the box, a penalty was given and Kane made it 1-1.

Sub Aubameyang took a feeble penalty, Lloris parried the ball and crafty veteran Jan Vertonghen, who had encroached hugely, cleared the danger. What a pro!

VAR will eventually end that kind of encroachment.

Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham is on Tuesday night.

Rennes v Arsenal is on Thursday but Lacazette is banned from both legs of that Uefa Cup tie.

I thought the Malmo defender who grabbed Laca round the waist with both hands deserved an elbow in the face.

But Arsenal will miss Laca big-time in both games. What he does for the team,  nobody else can do.

VERDICT ON DERBY: A very tactical game in which Emery nullified the pace of Son, who was peripheral.


1. Man City        29 71

2. Liverpool       29 70

3. Spurs              29 61

4. Man United  29 58

5. Arsenal          29 57

6. Chelsea         28 56

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