Arsenal should win at Huddersfield / Mike Dean is on 99 red cards

Will Denis Suarez start at Huddersfield today?

Emery says his new boy is looking better every day.

I think Suarez is a fast, nimble, two-footed touch player, so he can get the ball in the middle third and attack the box, play runners in. That’s just a guess, a feeling. I reckon Suarez can do good things soon, this month

Normally, commonsense suggests that a January signing, one who has never played in England before, should make his first start in a home game.

Huddersfield will defend deep and try to break and the longer the game goes without them conceding, the more supportive the crowd will be.

But if Arsenal score first, the game might open up. But if it’s 0-0 at half-time, it won’t open up.

Huddersfield are bottom of a 20-club Premier League and have only won two games,so they are fighting for survival.

There’s nothing in The Times today about Arsenal, which suggests your team might be slipping off the grid.

The possible starting line-up suggests that its 4-3-2-1 with most of the same faces as last week

If Liverpool beat Bournemouth today they will go above champions Manchester City.

Bournemouth have lost 10 games while winning 12 to maintain a respectable place in 12th, I think this game might be quite close for an hour or more.

Having expressed dismay about an anonymous performance by Mo Salah at West Ham last week, I didn’t know he was being continuously abused by a moronic Hammers fan, who has since been identified.

Mike Dean is the ref for Man City v Chelsea tomorrow.

Dean has sent off nine players already this season and might be trigger-happy because he’s on 99 red cards.

Yes, Mike Dean has sent off 99 footballers in 472 Premier League games.

The 99 include 9 Man City players… and 9 Chelsea.

Huddersfield push lucky Arsenal to the limit