Arsenal squad only respects three players in the dressing room

This from an ANR reader:

Lots of issues in the Arsenal camp, said a reliable source speaking off the record to a journalist about the current situation at Colney.

Cech, Koscielny and Ramsey are looked up to in the dressing room.

They’ve all had enough of Sanchez’s behaviour because he does his own thing regardless of any game- plan. Cech says he has never seen anyone behave in such a way and encouraged Wenger to get rid.

Wenger doesn’t want to play Sanchez, but not playing him will turn the fans against the club.

Everyone likes Ozil, who is a nice guy. But his agent says he can join Jose with a big signing on fee and 250k wages (taking him to over 300k a week over 4 years).

But Cech is telling Ozil to stay or go abroad, not United.

Why? “Jose won’t drop 100m signing a freebie.”

Arsenal know it’s either Munich or United for Ozil as he is not signing a new deal. There has been no interest from Spain or PSG.

Myles says:

Thanks for this inside poop.

It’s nice to know what’s going on behind the official spin.

We knew Arsenal had no offers for Ozil last summer.

I just don’t see him¬†as a Manchester United footballer.

He wouldn’t hack it there, even with a manager who knows how to use him.

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