Arsenal v Chelsea looks exciting!

By Myles Palmer

A wonderful home draw in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup!

I said Arsenal’s luck was changing.

Chelsea !

An exciting game in prospect.Unlike QPR this match should make the heart beat faster.

The 1-1 draw in the Premiership showed that it might be a close game.But a few things have changed since then.

Some fascinating duels : Lauren v Le Saux,Henry v Desailly, Pires v Ferrer, Gronkjaer v Dixon.

One thing I forgot to mention about the 6-0 win at QPR on Saturday : Tony Adams is already coaching.

Tony was talking to Ashley Cole, and he was talking to Stepanovs all through the game.After a ball had been cleared he appeared to be saying to his new partner : Stay level with me/ you’re too near me/ you’re too far away/ watch him/ push out a bit. And so on.

It’s a fantastic education for the big Latvian. Every match he plays with Adams increases his value by £100,000.

28th January 2001.