Arsenal v West Ham is not about Jack Wilshere. Or Mesut Ozil

But both players will start Saturday’s match.

Unai Emery took Ozil off at Stamford Bridge and Ian Wright says the Ozil substitution was one that Wenger would have not dared to make.

Correct! Wrighty said that substitution was a message to every Arsenal player: If you’re not doing it, you’ll be hooked!

At the same time, Emery is now saying what most managers do in similar circumstances: that it’s the club’s responsibility to help Ozil through a difficult period.

Emery said, “We are here to help him. We are his family and it is his home. We are used to being criticised but we are professional. In our careers, as coaches and players, we are going to receive criticism. When we do well, they are going to speak about us well. We need to live with this.”

On Ozil, I’m exhausted by the whole farce. Bored stiff by it.

At the moment Emery is being super-supportive and he will start Ozil tomorrow.

He’s doing what any manager has to do.

From Merseyside, big-hearted Jurgen Klopp is also putting an arm round the Arsenal midfielder.

Klopp said, “I know Ilkay Gundogan very well, I know Emre Can and Nuri Sahin very well. I do not know Mesut so well, but I would like to take him home. I do not doubt these guys at least about their loyalty to our homeland.”

As I say, Matchday 3 is not about Ozil and Wilshere.

However, I’m sure that Arsenal will smash West Ham tomorrow.

It’s more likely to be about Aubameyang converting the chances he missed last weekend.

Last Friday I was in Alan Turing’s office.

His blackboard is huge.

The kids gave us tickets to Bletchley Park and we had a fabulous day and came back to a Thai dinner here and a spectacular home-baked birthday cake with rum icing that lasted deep into this week.

Somehow, we missed Colossus.

Remarkably, Bletchley tickets allow you to return free at any time during the next 365 days and it’s open seven days a week.