Arsenal watch Leeds-Valencia with interest

By Myles Palmer

Can Valencia beat Leeds?

Can Carew head one past Nigel Martyn?

Will O’Leary celebrate his 43rd birthday with a party tonight?

Arsenal’s season has come down to two games : Leeds at Highbury and Liverpool in Cardiff.

What do Leeds and Liverpool have in common?

Collective in-your-face-aggression and non-stop running.

Hector Cuper won’t start Aimar tonight.Aimar is too frail to live with Dacourt and Batty and Bowyer. Cuper was wrong to start him at Highbury. A very clever player who will be good next season, but I would not throw him into a bear pit tonight, even as a sub.

O’Leary, like Graham, likes an AC Milan template, a Sacchi-Capello midfield warzone dominated by gladiators who can win the ball like Desailly and Albertini used to do. As batty, Bakke and Dacourt do now. It aint pretty but it wears you down.

Baraja and Deschamps, if he plays, might match Leeds for an hour in that area.

For pretty, try Savicevic, try Limpar, try Kewell.You battle in the middle and create from the flanks.

Tactical analysis? Irrelevant in this one. It’s just about defensive concentration and taking your chances.

At this level each team will only get three chances in 90 minutes. It’s about who takes one of those three chances. Smith? Viduka? We shall soon see.

Leeds will by flying at Highbury on Saturday if they win.

I think they will win because they will get in amongst Valencia more than Arsenal did.They will test them with crosses far more than Arsenal did.

Leeds haven’t got anybody as talented as Vieira or Henry or as reliable as Dixon or Keown.

But Rio Ferdinand has improved 100% in two months. But Bowyer hit a brick wall against Chelsea, had his most feeble game of the season.The court case finally caught up with him.

Leeds beat Deportivo 3-0 in the quarter-final first leg and then lost 2-0 in Coruna.

They won’t beat Valencia 3-0 though.

I think its a Leeds-Bayern final. Revenge for 1975 in Paris, when Beckenbauer killed Allan Clarke in the box and no pen was given. And Lorimer’s goal should NOT have been disallowed.

Leeds could win the Champions League first time out!

May is lovely month becaue it tidies everything up.

Let’s hope Arsenal tidy Leeds up 2-0 and tidy Liverpool up 1-0 in Cardiff !

1st May 2001.