Arsenal will beat Leeds will beat Valencia

By Myles Palmer

I strongly fancy Leeds to beat Valencia over two legs, even without the sparky Robbie Keane, who is ineligible.

But Leeds were pretty ropey against Chelsea, weren’t they?

Sure, they won with two late goals from Keane (a sub) and Viduka, but they did not create much.

Kewell is a showboating prat who needs a clip round the ear twice a week.

Smith, the pitbull, has exceptional moments, but is not England class yet.

Dacourt has a more power than craft.On his best days he is a busy tank.On others he is a bull in a china shop

Viduka is brilliant, but he has that bit of Croatian moodiness,like Savo Milosovic, the Yugoslav who was better in Spain than he ever was in England.

Harte is a player I rate very highly. Can score with both feet,sensational set-pieces.

Batty,very good technician, good short ball man, hates football,never watches a game, prefers motorbikes.I like Batty, despite his deliberate elbow into Joe Cole’s kisser last week.

Batty never wanted to go to Blackburn but Wilkinson needed money and could not unload McAllister.

Rio Ferdinand and Liverpool reject Dominic Matteo?

Rio has been taken apart many times by Arsenal.But he has improved a lot at Leeds.

Dismantling Rio will be a lot harder now that he was a tight 4-4-2 machine around him,and Bergkamp is not playing, but I’m sure Arsenal can get past him often enough to win the game.

Cracking goal by sub Robert Pires to win the game at Derby. It’s 1-1? Bring on Bobby.

Arsenal need a lot more goals like that. Henry cross, Wiltord stab at Poom, rebounds to Pires, bangs it in left- footed from 12 yards.

Leeds have one big game this week : Valencia at Elland Road.

With five days preparation, and home advantage, Arsenal will beat them to clinch second place next Saturday.

Season’s winding down now, very few matches really mean anything.


Was never a Ginola fan but I feel sorry for him. He was not in the squad for White Hart Lane. His agent told Doug Ellis if he didn’t play against Spurs he would hold a press conference and say he would never put on a Villa shirt again. . A Villa player who still lives in Finchley. So Gregory put him on the bench and when he took his top off to come on for ten minutes the whole stadium erupted. Applause for an away player unequalled, I’m told, since Jimmy Greaves came back as a West Ham player.Sad, sad moments in a dismal 0-0 draw.

Was Ben Thatcher part of the Neil Sullivan deal? They had to take him for £5 million to get Sullivan on a free? Can I believe such outrageous gossip?

Makes you glad you support a well-run, serious club !

29th April 2001.