Arsenal’s Beijing farce/ Liverpool look good/Why didn’t Gazidis resign?

On Saturday afternoon I watched Arsenal-Chelsea on ITV,

Then I saw the Liverpool-Leicester match on Sky.

The Arsenal “match” was a walkover for Chelsea, who are far more professional.

The first 10 minutes was men and boys.

After 10 minutes and 22 seconds I noted: Arsenal can’t win this game. What’s the point?

I’m sure Wenger would rather have been in a training camp in Austria, playing a couple of village teams.

Chelsea won 3-0 and made “Arsenal” look like amateurs.

The Liverpool game was a cracker.

Although I was wishing Sadio Mane was playing, and while I’ve seen Adam Lallana do a lot better than this, it was  a really good game.

Coutinho won it by creating the equaliser and scoring the winner.

Big Slimani rocked them by heading home a Fuchs cross from the left flank in 4 minutes.

After 15 commentator Martin Tyler said, “This is the best 15 minutes I’ve seen in eight Asian Trophies”

After 19, Coutinho found Salah on the right and the new boy swerved infield and passed square back to Coutinho, who then dinked his cross into the box.

That allowed Salah to head past Kasper Schmeichel for 1-1

Riyad Mahrez likes jinking past opponents but doesn’t like it when they do the same to him. When the nimble Coutinho suddenly waltzed past Mahrez, the Algerian grabbed his shirt and threw him to the ground, as in a judo fight. He got a booking for that.

In 43, Coutinho produced a lovely whipped shot into the far side of the goal.

Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 was the final score.

Myself, I love Liverpool’s work ethic and their attacking style.

They have a lot of fast play round the ball in the front third, probably more than any other team in the Premier League.

Collectively, they show a big appetite & they  always help each other and Anfield responds to that.

When their ensemble attacks work, Klopperpool are formidable.

Like Chelsea, they’ll have a good season.

By comparison, Arsenal are dysfunctional.

Wenger has been there far too long that it’s stale because all dictatorships become stale.

And Alexis Sanchez, by far his best player, wants to leave.

Soon after coming back from holiday I bumped into gambling Tony in the street. He’s a brainy businessman/investor who owns property. We were both walking rapidly in opposite directions but I hadn’t seen him in months and he insisted we went to his house for a cup of tea.

One of the first things Tony said was, “Why didn’t Gazidis resign?”