Arsenal’s moral high ground? Really?

From Joel : Brendan’s comment
Brendan’s comments about economic inequality seemed strange to me, especially this one: “as long as Arsenal do not conform to the super-ultra high finance model of football, they will remain a team with a force and a spirit that no Chelsea or Manchester City could ever dream of matching in their wildest imagination.”
Why? Because we insist on making a profit for our already-rich owners and the other clubs don’t?
Is this supposed to give us some sort of moral high-ground?
As you’ve said for years, Myles, we’re a corporation now, not a football club.
Our ambition is  profits, not trophies.
So I guess Brendan was right, our “force and spirit” to rather make money than compete for trophies is something Man City and Chelsea would never dream of.
And they’ll be more successful for it.
From TeeCee : Ryan’s letter
So Ryan seriously thinks that after years of making money, selling our best players and ultimately spending very little on the squad, the board are going to turn around and sanction spending sprees??
Oh please, you must live in another world!!
Wenger is a football manager, not a finance director of Arsenal Football Club, he shouldn’t even be worrying about the finances, he should just be supplying Gazidis with a list of quality targets to improve this continually failing squad of overpaid and under-achieving players.
There are many things wrong at Arsenal, at differing levels, and Wenger is at the front of them.
Pay the stadium off in 4-5 years?   I hope to god Wenger is long gone by then, or it will be another 5 years of trophyless seasons for my beloved football club.
From Andy :  Ryan Pallett & paying off the stadium
Paying off the stadium has nothing to do with Wenger.
He is responsible for the squad, not the paying off the stadium.
FFP? Believe it when I see it.