Arsenal’s next game is Manchester City on Sunday, not Middlesborough

Koscielny is back.

And tonight at Middlesbrough will be a useful workout for Arsenal’s best defender.

The FA Cup semi-finals are on Saturday and Sunday and feature four big clubs who all missed the Champions League quarters

Tottenham v Chelsea is on Saturday at 5.15pm on BBC1.

Manchester City v Arsenal is on Sunday at 3pm on BT.

Why do I say tonight’s result at Boro is irrelevant?

Because Middlesborough are going down and Arsenal will not make Top Four this time.

Now bossed by interim manager Steve Agnew, Boro are 19th and nowhere near as good as Hull or Bournemouth. And not as good as Swansea either.

Arsenal are seventh and 21 points below Chelsea (with 2 games in hand).

Middlesbrough have 24 points, while Arsenal have 54.

  1. Chelsea   75
  2. Spurs       71
  3. Liverpool 66
  4. Man City  64
  5. Man Utd  60
  6. Everton    57
  7. Arsenal    54

Everton have played three games more than Arsenal.

And Everton’s last match is against Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday May 21st.