Arsene’s bizarrely unbalanced squad has Kroenke worried about profits

From Sweet Science :

Hi Myles,

Hope you are enjoying this Indian summer?

I sit here with heavy heart at the end of the summer transfer window.

The team played at Liverpool to get Wenger the sack.

We have seen that before with Mourinho at Chelsea.

The penny has finally dropped.
The training structure is deficient, they have gone from Title Contenders to Also Rans, and it hurts.

The squad is bizarrely unbalanced; too many attacking midfielders, too few defensive ones.

The specialist coaching staff get too little time to work with the players.

Kroenke is in it for the profit.

He ordered Wenger to recoup the money we have lost by not qualifying for the Champions League, roughly £30M.

Arseblog published a graphic of Arsenal’s profit this transfer window: £27M.
(Allowing for variations in interest rates and exchange rates which are affected by staggered payments.)

The reported £92M bid for Lemar was a PR move.

Wenger knew that having “sold” Mbappe to PSG, Monaco were not about to let another big name go without the time to replace him.

The board are frustrated “Meeters and Greeters” used for matchdays and community functions, and give the accounts the once-over.

They have little contact with either Kroenke or Wenger.

Ivan Gazidis has made a few changes, namely a new fitness boss and contracts boss, but their effect is limited.

There was a Public Enemy song in 1990 titled “Who Stole The Soul?”

The lyrical content was about race in America, but the title fits Arsenal on the 1st September 2017.

Myles says:

I’ve had a fun summer but….. I’m facing a winter of challenging work.

Unlike most ANR readers, I’m not emotionally involved in the Arsenal farce.

I”m not damaged by it.

My best friend Doug was into Chuck D soon after hip-hop started.

Doug phoned twice from Antibes his morning.

Nice Matin reports that Lemar turned Arsenal down.

PS. You’re right about $tan Kroenke, as this story in the LA Times suggests 

Thanks to Sjaak B in Istanbul for the above link!