Arsene’s FA Cup victories were days of pride and glory

From James Reiff :


The FA Cup wins were fine achievements that gave us fans a dose of what we want, pride in our team and a day of glory.

No-one thinks it deserves more or less recognition than that. Why can’t you simply say that?

We beat some very good teams, some decent teams and some rubbish teams, such is the random (more so than the World Cup) nature of the FA Cup. I’ve listed them below….


Final       Hull City

Semi      Wigan Athletic

Quarter    Everton

5th         Liverpool

4th         Coventry City

3rd         Tottenham Hotspur


Final       Aston Villa

Semi      Reading

Quarter   Manchester United

5th         Middlesbrough

4th         Brighton & Hove Albion

3rd         Hull City


Final       Chelsea

Semi      Manchester City

Quarter   Lincoln City

5th         Sutton United

4th         Southampton

3rd         Preston North End

Let the Arsene thing go, Myles. He was as great as he was flawed, he achieved much, managed well and failed significantly. He has intelligence as large as his ego.

Why? Because he is human!!! At least he has the intelligence to match his ego, there are those in positions of influence/power in the world with egos that far outweigh their intelligence.

Myles says:

The fixtures are published today.

I’m very keen to see Unai Emery’s first 10 away games. Expect his new Arsenal to win more away games than Wenger did last season.

For a comment on the fixtures, check back here at 11 a.m.