At last! Wenger is leaving: end of an era I thought would never end

King Wenger’s behaviour in Munich, so soon after his touchline ban, was ridiculous.

He’s just served a 4-match ban for pushing the fourth official twice and calling the ref Jon Moss a cheat.

He thought Arsenal had won a corner but the assistant behind the goal told the ref that the ball had gone out off Ozil’s foot, so Bayern took a goal-kick and AW had a go at the fourth official !

Seeing that, I thought: He’s has lost the plot again and his conduct has become detrimental to the team.

The King of Spin is also the King of Denial- and denial is psychologically dangerous.
There is a tipping point, a moment where denial becomes very unhealthy. Maybe claiming a corner from 55 yards away was that point.

His recruitment has been rubbish for years.

He dithers and then, having made a decision, changes his mind. That drives the recruitment team crazy.

Consider this: Ozil cost more than Hazard.
Xhaka cost more than Kante .
Mustafi cost more than David Luiz.

Wenger somehow survived an 8-2 hammering at Manchester United.

Then he continued to ignore the defensive side of the game and place his full backs in improbably high positions. He doesn’t sign leaders because they might shout at him or other players.

He prefers harmony because, so until Wednesday night’s meltdown in the Allianz, harmony keeps him up there with the elite coaches in Europe, getting on planes with his team, going to Barcelona and Athens and Zagreb and Dortmund .

But it’s over now. It’s finished.

Why? Because Wenger went to Munich without a midfield.

Wednesday’s debacle makes a fitting epitaph: Arsene Wenger went to play Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich, five times European Champions, without a midfield.

Mustafi was looking the other way, shouting at Bellerin, when Thiago scored. In the Champions League! What a muppet!

In the rear third, Oxlade will always be an accident waiting to happen. No surprise that Oxy gave away the fifth goal by panicking and losing the ball. That allowed sub Thomas Muller to set up Thiago for the fifth.

Wenger has to leave the club completely. If he moves upstairs it’s a Matt Busby situation that would undermine the next manager.

A sucker for punishment, I watched the Champions League Highlights show on ITV yesterday

Lee Dixon said, “That performance, and the fact that he hasn’t been able to get a performance from his team over the last four weeks, from an effort and a fight point of view, might be the final straw.”

Roy Keane said, “When you’re 3-1 down, stay in the game! When I see Gibbs with the captain’s armband at the end of the game, you’re in big trouble. If he’s your captain, your leader, if he’s the guy that’s going to bring everybody together, you’re in big trouble.

“I agree with Lee, I don’t think Bayern were at their very best tonight. They didn’t have to be. The goals Arsenal gave away, schoolboy stuff – shambles.”

Today we discover that Alexis Sanchez was in the middle of a huge row in the dressing room after that 5-1 humiliation.

And the board have ruled out Wenger staying on as Director of Football.Thank God for that!

Because his continued presence would prevent any good manager coming to Arsenal.