CORRECTED: At the new Arsenal, what is Ivan Gazidis’s job description?

From Rhys Jaggar:

The real question to be answered is this:

What is Ivan Gazidis’ Job Description now?

1)  It is not negotiating player contracts and transfers – that is Sanllehi and Fahmy.
2)  It is not scouting and squad management – that is Sanllehi and Mislintat.
3)  It is not facilities management – there are staff to do that.
4)  It is not securing sponsors – that is the commercial team.
5)  It is not micro-managing administration costs – that is the Finance Director.

So that leaves three things:
1) HR
2) Raising finance
3) Representing the club in public.

HR of more junior posts can be carried out by others, senior posts involve HR consultancies. He may be involved, but much of the grunt work is done for him.

Precisely what finances do Arsenal need? They are self-sustaining with no major fundraises required before 2025. Unless the vision of Arsenal involves a step change.

Representing the Club in public is a part-time job.

So the real question is whether oversight of executive functions and being the senior club Ambassador requires a full time CEO or whether an Executive Chairman could do it perfectly well, a 55 year old version of Peter Hill-Wood?

My view is the latter, so then the question is what the owner wants Arsenal to be in 2030: same old Arsenal, maybe underperforming but still making money; or a radically ambitious innovative groundbreaker becoming more than just a football club?

If the former, maybe Gazidis sees life as more exciting than that?

If the latter, does Gazidis feel he is the right man for the job of conceiving, honing and delivering a groundbreaking new vision up to 2025 before handing over to a younger man or woman?

Rather than slag off Ivan Gazidis in public, perhaps journalists could be journalists and attempt to cast light on these issues?

Myles says :

You are talking sense, Rhys.

In 2018, Gazidis is the corporate lawyer who almost hired Arteta.

It seems out of character for him to leave the club now.

My guess : If he leaves Arsenal now, he’s not leaving the fans or Unai Emery.

He’s leaving Stan Kroenke and Josh Kroenke.

But he will never say that.

Kroenke, the sports owner from hell, prevents Arsenal from being the exciting football club that it could be and should be.

Gazidis knew before we did that Usmanov is selling his shares to Kroenke for £540m.

He doesn’t want to work for the club that Kroenke will now wholly own.

Those are the shares that David Dein sold to Usmanov for £75m.