After controlling Bournemouth,can Emery contain Pochettino’s Spurs?

From Martin

Morning Myles,

Spurs were on fire at the weekend, irresistible.

Chelsea trailed in their jet stream.

Nobody does terrible as David Luiz can do terrible, he has a masters degree in it sometimes, and it’s  hard to fathom why as we have all seen him be gladiatorial at times.

Even a top performance from Luiz would have been swept over but worth the comment.

You did contradict yourself a little in today’s piece by indicating that if Emery cannot beat Pochettino with better preparation and at home when will he?

Emery is barely a quarter of a season into what is still a 3-year rebuild and will be facing Pochettino’s well established squad and playing style. Spurs have had a good run of results with the latest a convincing trouncing of what was previously considered a strong Chelsea team.

Emery has instilled a greater team ethic and organisation and pragmatism, working with what he was left by Wenger.

With the attacking talent, that’s enough to win a lot of games without really threatening the elite.

Given the time Pochettino has been there, the maturity of the squad the time is now, they are as likely as good as they are going to be, whereas Arsenal still have plenty of room to improve, which is an ok statement given they are winning games on organisation and pragmatism

Personally, I really enjoyed the Bournemouth game as it was not the shambles of last 2 games there where team was pulled all over the place by what Bournemouth did, clueless in how to adapt.

Last weekend Bournemouth were for most part blunted, and though it was not a spectacle, to see Arsenal manage the game is a quantum leap from the last 2 matches there.

And Bournemouth were in great form.

Take out some of the flakiness we still see, and with some decent additions, and better organisation, you will see plenty of improvement.

A good January window might make 4th achievable.

Pochettino has had his 3 years and more and if Spurs are about anything they should be rolling into the Emirates to take 3 points, as much as Ferguson’s United and Mourinho’s Chelsea used to do.

Wenger’s Invincibles showed us the difference between being a really good team and a great one.

Should be a thrilling derby and an actual contest, as opposed to recent seasons where Arsenal were always second best.

Mylex says:

Agree on David Luiz.

The difference between his best game and his worst game is wider than the Atlantic Ocean (circa 3,000 miles).

You’re also right about Unai Emery only being here five months compared to Pochettino’s four years. He arrived in England in May 2014.

That was a tired line written late on Monday night.

I’m really glad that Arsenal have learned to win ugly again.

Although Jose Mourinho is still the guv’nor of that, as we saw again last night. United needed a stoppage time goal by Fellaini to beat Young Boys at Old Trafford.

I realise that some gooners always slag Spurs off. And they’ll do that again if Pochettino doesn’t beat Inter MIlan tonight.

Jan Vertonghen, a left-footed leader who is huge for them, is fit at last and could start.

Told you: Matchday 3 excellent for Spurs, Man City and Liverpool