Bayern have Xabi Alonso, Arsenal have Coquelin. And it’s Lewa v Sanchez

Are Bayern as strong as ever?

Not really. Not right now.

Arjen Robben, interviewed by Miguel Delaney in The Independent, has been coached there by Louis Van Gaal, Jupp Heynkes, Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti.

At Chelsea, Robben, now 33, had a hot spell when he was the most productive forward in Europe.

Robben was producing more assists and goals than Ronaldinho was at Barca.

Team news?

Kicker says Muller won’t start because he’s off-form and not scoring.

Arsenal will contain and try to make it a low-scoring game.

Thiago Alcantara is a 21st century midfielder,a  very technical and mobile guy who will open the game up a few times.

Robert Lewandowski is a big centre forward with skill.

He’s said: “I won’t go to Real Madrid while Ronaldo is still there.”

Great comment! At least he’s honest.

Lewa is Poland’s main man and also Bayern’s main man and I’m convinced he’ll play well tonight.

A couple of power-headers could be on the cards.

Lewandowski can score with flicks & volleys – and shots from distance.

He’s as good as Diego Costa at laying it off in the box.

Delaney’s Robben interview is worth reading here.

Which player is most likely to score for Wenger?

After Sanchez, Kosciely.

If Arsenal lose 1-0 or 2-1, they still have a chance.