Bayern Munich preview : Arsenal to nick an away goal?

By Dan Ferguson

If Arsenal could have played this game within a week of it being drawn, I think everyone would have gone into the match with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Post-blips, injuries, unresolved contracts, multiple and predictable events of perpetual Groundhog Days, resurfacing and growing antipathy to Wenger and the board, we find Arsenal Football Club in exactly the position they should be in for this time of year.

The month is humbug and the feeling is unavoidably ‘meh’.

Some shuffling of the pack will happen.

Ospina will come into goal and that could be a good thing for nothing more than ‘plus ca change’. Welbeck should start because away from home he is a remarkable player. Giroud might get a start at the expense of Walcott. Ozil will definitely start because of what he can do if things click.

But things aren’t clicking. Someone wrote that Bayern will just sit and wait until Arsenal do an Arsenal, (and then pick us off). They won’t look to beat us 5-0 unless we make 5 raging mistakes that are easily punishable. They will look to be solid and pick their moments. And rightly so.

Saying that, without Boateng, I feel that Giroud may well have something to contribute to this game. Maybe not as a starter, but he may have a say in the final score of the first leg.

Sanchez will not be using this for a shop window moment. Everyone knows how good he is. The point is, Arsenal is appearing to drive Sanchez nuts,

Munich won’t provide the scratch to Sanchez’s itch. Even if Arsenal wins, there is a problem occurring that cannot be resolved easily between the players. He is obviously fed up with inconsistencies and lack of passion. But at the same time, his style of play is only that effective for Arsenal and Chile because we play to his virtuoso strengths.

So tomorrow night may not be spectacular. I suspect a Munich lead, but I wouldn’t be shocked with a draw or even an Arsenal win. When the return leg is played, Arsenal will have far more to prove.

So I think they will try to keep it narrow and score an away goal.