Ben White’s move to Arsenal FC is almost finalized

Ben White’s move to Arsenal FC has been a subject of debate for some time now, but it seems that things will soon come to a close. White has been the most expensive transfer target this summer for Arsenal, and they are close to inking the deal. In fact, Arsenal FC has actually agreed to all the terms of Brighton and Hove Albion.

If you’re a fan playing and gambling at, you will most likely be very happy that the player is actually coming to Arsenal FC sooner rather than later. In fact, White is actually undergoing a medical away from the London Colney. He will then visit the training grounds for Arsenal FC, and that’s when the team will most likely make this official. It’s great to see White coming to Arsenal FC, he has been widely sought after as a player, and it seems that everyone will be happy with his transfer.

This week, Arsenal FC’s player will go and take the biometric tests, then start training. The fee is £50 million, which is the second highest transfer fee for a central defender in the Premier League. It seems that £30 million will be paid in a calendar year, and there will be 2 other payments of £10 million in the following seasons after the next one.

Yes, Arsenal FC paid quite a lot of money for this player, so we do expect him to be at the forefront sooner rather than later. With that being said, it’s nice to see that they are investing in a younger center-back pairing with capacity to improve in the future.

White is a player that Arsenal FC thinks they can develop and improve, and one who already has massive potential. That’s why they were ready to spend so much money for him. Whether he will be able to deliver and also improve, only time can tell. But it’s clear that it will take a bit of a trial and error to integrate him into the team, train properly and offer him the best possible opportunities to shine.. It took a while for these negotiations to go through, but it’s amazing to see how it is now coming together.

White’s arrival at Arsenal might very well be the boost the team needs in order to reach the top four. The team has other new players to be unleashed – leading to expectations they can achieve their ambitions. The signs are good – but it may take time.